Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Our kitchen exhaust cleaning services

Our kitchen extract cleaning services include:

  1. Cleaning the filters will allow the vent ducting to circulate air freely.
  2. Canopy Hood Cleaning. to guarantee clean working conditions, reduce the risk of fire, and keep them visually appealing.
  3. Cleaning the ducts in order to design fire breaks inside the ducting.
  4. Fan maintenance and cleaning. Cleaning the fan serves as a safeguard against any malfunction that can start a fire by taking away the fuel, in addition to ensuring the longevity and effective operation of the equipment (dirt and grease).
  5. For hygienic and environmental reasons, external cleaning of ductwork, cowls, and louvres is necessary.

Grease removal from the ducting is halted by fire. This successfully removes the fire’s fuel and stops the fire from spreading. To make it simple to access these spaces for cleaning, access hatches ought to be installed.